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 Meet: Jean McGury

  Owner & Lead Planner/Designer

​​​​In 2005 Jean and her husband moved to Ocean Springs, Dennis had just retired from the Marine Corps after 26 years of service. You see, Dennis grew up on the beautiful Gulf Coast and he was ready to return home. It was a no brainer, I love my husband and he worked very hard for a very long time and  deserved to have some rest and decide what he wanted to do, if anything at all.

Jean planned on re-launching After The Proposal Wedding Consultants in Ocean Springs, had all her wedding albums, information, and everything else she had accumulated throughout the years shipped to Ocean Springs. “I was so excited about starting over again, meeting new people, enjoying the traditions of the south and learning something new.” But on August 29, 2005 hurricane Katrina struck the MS Gulf Coast. “We were lucky, we lost part of our roof and all of the contents in the attic but nothing compared to the other residents who live here. “I was feeling sorry for myself when I saw the damage to our home and my ruined wedding albums and such, until I saw the destruction and the complete loss of people’s homes and lives.” My loss was nothing compared to that. I have all the wonderful memories of my past clients stored in my heart and I have been so blessed.”

But now Jean is running head first back into the Wedding industry. “I have met so many wonderful people the past few years and have been lucky enough to be referred to a few brides. So I never completely left the business. I worked by referral only.”

After Proposal Wedding Consultants is available along the Beautiful Gulf Coast! It doesn’t matter what the client’s budget is, we help everyone. “I have coordinated so many fabulous weddings, everything from the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Private Estates, 100’ Yachts, Beaches to Granny’s back yard with plastic pink flamingos! Every wedding is important, I help the client create a budget, and then we go from there. It’s not my money to spend, but every bride deservers to have a dream wedding. As I tell my brides, it’s about marrying the one you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. Everything else is just icing on the cake!

Happy Planning,

Jean McGury

After 25 years as one of the premier wedding planners in Southern California, Jean Bodwin McGrury relocated to Ocean Springs, MS. Jean was The Knot local wedding expert in Orange County, wrote articles for local and nationwide magazines, was a favorite speaker on television, taught wedding planning at a local college, produced wedding shows and was one of the most sought after wedding planners in Southern California!

"I love, love, love helping clients create their dream wedding. It never matters what their budget may be, only that they have a dream. My clients become my friends/family, I build a very personal relationship with every bride & groom."

Everyone thought Jean was crazy to shut down her business in Newport Beach, CA and move to Ocean Springs. There were several offers to purchase her company but Jean said no. “I can’t sell me to another business. I am “After The Proposal” and it would just devastate me to see someone using my name to create a wedding that does not live up to my standards. I just can’t fathom the thought.”